FamilyFlickn is a mobile pop up theatre providing families with a free opportunity to create lasting memories.  In today’s current climate a family of four will spend upwards of $60 or more to enjoy a movie with popcorn and drinks.  There is currently a lack of free community activities in under resourced neighborhood for community members to gather together.  FamilyFlickn was created to offer families a free day out at the theatre.  All families are welcomed with music and a family photo from our professional photographer before they are provided with the necessary theatre must haves; popcorn, snacks and drinks.  Then off they go to enjoy family friendly movies with other community members while riding around the Cincinnati area in luxury limousine style party buses equipped with TV’s galore.  It is important for families to have free opportunities to engage with their fellow neighbors.  FamilyFlickn is serving as that vehicle and we will continue to bring communities together to create memorable moments

I have so many fond childhood memories at the theater as a Bond Hill native and I wanted to create memories for other families
— Amber E. Kelly, Founder and CEO of Community Engagement Collective

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